Connections, Creativity, Courage
in all endeavors.

Let me be your guide.

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You are the CEO of your life and business...

I work with women who are managing through the many transitions we experience throughout our lives, to help you connect, create, and have the courage to embrace the perfectly imperfect life you are meant to live and lead.


Building connections to support your business and life is an art form. We will practice and hone your skills so that you can fluidly grow the connections that blend with your goals.


The heart of my teachings, creativity is the foundation that we all need to tap into in order to fully embrace all that our lives bring to us. We will explore the many ways to incorporate creativity into your life.


We often do not realize the courage we lean into every day of our lives in order to gracefully take the lead. Courage is within us, but it often needs groomed and grown so that we can tap into it.

I work with women.. 

I am a guide.

In my over 25 years working with women, one thing has remained constant, you are not looking for a coach to stand on the sidelines. You want someone walking with you. 

As a guide, I walk a little bit ahead, but mostly in stride. Helping you keep an eye out for tripping spots, pointing out the things you should be noticing, and mostly just being there with you.

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