Jumping into July.

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2021

I cannot believe that we are already halfway through 2021. The weeks are flying by as we work to continue to pivot and shift so that we deliver what you need to be the CEO that we know that you are.

I must admit, I am so excited about our July topic "Celebrating Entrepreneurial Freedom". Not only is this one of the main reasons so many of you started or are thinking of starting your business, but it is one of the things I find myself consistently reminding my clients to embrace.

There is a reason you chose this path. So take some time this month to reflect and celebrate. And if you are still considering if going from "employee to entrepreneur", then be sure to join us for our conversations all month long.

For now, celebrate all that is the year and this life.

With that, let's catch up on what I've been up to this week...



People like you and me never grow old. We never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.”  Albert Einstein



Got Too Much Stuff? Try These 7 Tips to Help Pare Down, by Chelsea Catlett. (Click here

I’m having new windows installed in my house this week and the process of moving things around and not having ready access to my things got me thinking about clutter.  This article popped up on my computer --isn’t it amazing how that happens? You say something or even think about something and somehow the algorithms make it show up??  Here are the 7 tips; some obvious, some not so obvious. The article also has links to 2 great TED talks.

  1. Realize that more stuff does not equal more happiness
  2. Commit to 30 days of tidying up every day
  3. Listen to what your clutter is trying to tell you – this one truly resonated with me.  Star Hansen’s TED talk (linked in the article) was really great: https://www.ted.com/talks/star_hansen_listen_to_the_monster_in_your_closet
  4. Attack the stress of cleaning with some advanced planning
  5. Put everything you don’t need in a box and forget about it
  6. Elevate your attitude toward cleaning
  7. Turn down the volume of your inner nitpicker



Artist, author, and speaker, Lisa Congdon.  I heard her interview called Bringing Your Whole Self to Life on the Good Life Project podcast (Click here). Do yourself a favor and listen (click here) to her incredible story. What fascinated me most was how she shared that she is constantly evolving and embracing the opportunity to use experiences and circumstances as opportunities to find joy and to make intentional decisions on what she really wants.  She believes that she owes it to herself to LISTEN to what she really wants even if it feels selfish because that allows her to show up as a better person, artist, and author.



I’ve been focusing on my LinkedIn account and I’m happy to report that I’m loving the connections I’m making there. I like the platform because of the professional focus AND the opportunity it provides to still be authentic and creative. I am taking advantage of the audio, video, and article options. I’m enjoying the innovative ways people are coming up with to connect:  Someone I recently connected with embedded a short video in her message thanking me for connecting—it was really different and clever.  How do you use LinkedIn?  I’m up to over 8,045 followers and I’m open to new ideas, so please share what you do or what you have seen that has impressed you.



This week I’m celebrating the importance of grace and ease.  Actually, I’m looking for ways to integrate something I witnessed that was a really big lesson. I was a speaker on a virtual conference and I watched another speaker handle challenges with her computer and access to the platform with such grace and patience that I actually sent her a private note to offer my compliments. She had to sign off the platform no less than 3 times and very patiently tried everything the tech support offered.  All before going live to an audience of a couple of thousand people. I was watching the clock tick down to her presentation time and wondering what I would have done… The technical glitches got taken care of and her presentation was flawless. No one watching her would have known that she had been struggling with the connection for an hour and up to 5 minutes before her presentation.  I’m glad I got to witness her poise and professionalism. It was very impressive and inspirational!


So I ask you...what is one takeaway from this week's notes? 

Happy celebrating to you!



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