November Notations

Have you ever thought to yourself, " I don't need to say anything. That person knows how I feel"?

I know I used to be guilty of this. I used to tell myself, "they know" whenever I was thankful for or even proud of someone.

But then, I realized that the act of "telling" was not just appreciated by the individual, but also made me feel amazing.

When you tell someone that you appreciate them, are proud of them, or that you care about them it builds a strong connection and provides you both with a surge of positive energy.

That energy is then passed on to others that you both encounter.

The act of "telling" is critical in business as well as in your personal life. When we acknowledge the role someone has played in growing or shaping our business, it lets them know that we "see" them and we recognize their contribution.

With that, let's catch up on what I've been up to this week...


Quote  "Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life." Rumi 


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