November Notations

Have you ever thought to yourself, " I don't need to say anything. That person knows how I feel"?

I know I used to be guilty of this. I used to tell myself, "they know" whenever I was thankful for or even proud of someone.

But then, I realized that the act of "telling" was not just appreciated by the individual, but also made me feel amazing.

When you tell someone that you appreciate them, are proud of them, or that you care about them it builds a strong connection and provides you both with a surge of positive energy.

That energy is then passed on to others that you both encounter.

The act of "telling" is critical in business as well as in your personal life. When we acknowledge the role someone has played in growing or shaping our business, it lets them know that we "see" them and we recognize their contribution.

With that, let's catch up on what I've been up to this week...


Quote  "Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life." Rumi 



Inc. Magazine always has great articles—and the good news is that the articles apply to both new and seasoned entrepreneurs.  The article 4 Things Great Bosses Say to a New Employee That Most Bosses Never Think to Say: Want a new employee to truly hit the ground running? Say these four things is a case in point.  I think that the 4 statements can, and in fact should be incorporated in conversations you have with all of your employees, new or old!  I’m a big believer that there is no such thing as being “too obvious” when talking with/encouraging/strategizing with your team.  And if your team has been with you for years, it’s always a good idea to revisit some important expectations with them on a regular basis. 

Here are the 4 statements:  

  1. Thoroughly describe how the business creates value make sure your employees really understand your company's underlying value proposition and competitive advantage.
  2. Map out the employee’s internal and external customers. Does every member of your team know who their internal and external customers are?  Does your team know the role they play in creating value for the business? Conversations about their role will lead to engagement, more perceived appreciation and ultimately less turnover.
  3. Set immediate goals and explain that you will give feedback right away. This is a very good strategy: you should be meeting with your team – individually—on a regular basis.  Doing so will help you and them keep up with expectations and will give you insight on any discontent before it’s too late to remedy. Setting immediate goals and offering quick feedback is especially important for new hires because it sets the tone and gives the new hire an opportunity to get a couple of “wins” quickly, and we all know that people who feel good about their roles tend to be more productive, right?!
  4. Reinforce the reasons you hired them. Another great reminder that this should be a regular part of your interactions with your team.  Telling new hires that you selected them over other candidates because they have this or those qualifications lets them know that you are counting on them to bring their best to your team.  It also reinforces strengths that you are expecting. 

We’ve all heard about the great resignation and the difficulty in finding new employees.  What are you doing to keep your team motivated and productive?  We’d love to hear from you. Join the conversation at The Growth Shift on LinkedIn (click here).



The Podcasters Hangout (click here). This group has great resources and info and inspiration for anyone thinking about starting or improving a podcast. 








I was honored this week to be a part of the Women Impacting Public Policy’s 20th Anniversary Summit and Celebration event.  I was on a Wellness panel with my friends and colleagues, Dr. April Day and Angela Dingle. The questions asked enabled me to talk about transitions and the intersection of mental health and spirituality, two of my favorite topics!  It was wonderful to see the feedback in the chat during the discussion.  I am so happy that the topic resonated for so many and it warms my heart to see business women being intentional about promoting and connecting with issues that affect all of us!  The WIPP 20th Anniversary Summit and Celebration event happens every Tuesday during the month of November.  Click here to join us.



The launch of my second book!  We had a great time at the launch event.  Thank you to the 4 business owners who shared their insight and stories during our panel discussion:  Denise Merritt of Merritt Business Solutions; Patti Winstanley of Winstanley Consultants; Lourdes Mola of Lourdes Mola Solutions; and Bev Jennings of SEE Company.  

Click here to watch the replay.



So, with the month of gratitude upon us, I want to challenge you to "tell".

  • When you are grateful, tell them.
  • When you are proud, tell them.
  • When you think they are doing a good job, tell them.

Start a practice today that you will continue into next year where you no longer assume and feel the positive energy of when you "tell".

If you would like to chat further, I invite you to Click here to grab a 30-minute complimentary discovery chat with me.

Wishing you peace and daily joy.



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