September Serenade

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2021

Do you hear it? I do.

What do I hear? The sweet sounds of opportunity. September is coming in on waves of consistent change. And within those waves I hear the melodic voice of opportunity calling out to all those that will listen.

Yes. Amidst the chaos that is our times, if you listen with intention, you will hear something you may have never realized was there.

How? You must focus on clearing your mind of the noise. Turn off your television, put down your phone. Sit in the quiet of your workspace and get back to the basics of your business.

This is the time to ask yourself, "why did I start this business?"

As Simon Sinek tells us, the answer truly does lie in the "why".  Remembering "why" you chose your path is the first step to clearing the noise and hearing the tune of opportunity that is sitting waiting on you.

With that, let's catch up on what I've been up to this week...


Words I've been pondering...

“We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our flesh and blood and bones.”  Henry David Thoreau



Have you seen the adult coloring books next to the registers at your local supermarket?  Have you purchased one?  Been tempted to buy one??  There is a reason we see so many of them and why they are so popular… it turns out that coloring is actually really good for you!  This week I enjoyed reading the article “Keep Calm and Color In” in this month’s Breathe magazine. 

According to Alfred James “coloring in brings the mind into the present, relieving us of thoughts of the past and fears of the future.”  More good news:  “There is a synchronization between hand and brain that creates a fully immersed yet realized focus.” 

Are you a "want to be meditator" but find it hard to sit still with an empty mind?  Try coloring.  The benefits are pretty much the same; your body will relax, your breathing will slow down and your mind will wander.  Still need a reason to start coloring?  According to the article, “Sitting down with a coloring book provides a chance to create rather than consume, a way to unplug from the outside world, and a means to get a kick out of producing your own work.” 

Create, not consume. AMEN to that! 




Alfred James (mentioned above).  Click here to link to his Pocket Mindfulness website. I’m going to check out his book Mindful Musings because I’m intrigued by the title and I really like to read essays and short stories. 








I’m getting ready for a webinar I’m hosting called Making Allies and Believers. The webinar will be a combination of tools and tips on how best to connect with potential clients and breakout rooms where the participants will have the opportunity to network and start building relationships.  I’m hoping that the main takeaway from the webinar portion of the event will be that the participants learn and remember that people do business with people they know, they like, and they trust. 

I’ll be giving 10 tips and actionable items that will help you address how to get people to know you, like you, and trust you.  Spoiler alert—you have to make your interactions about them, not you!  Click here to sign up and join me for this fun webinar.




It’s still my birthday month and I’m celebrating the packages and letters, phone calls, and texts from family and friends that I’ve been receiving.  I spoke with my 90-year-old auntie who told me she is looking forward to celebrating her friend’s 100th birthday.  What a blessing to have people in my life who look forward more than they look back! And what a blessing it is to be surrounded by people who know you so well that they are intentional and purposeful with their wishes and blessings. I was gifted 2 beautiful starfish this week (reminding me of my important connection to the ocean) and a couple of other items that serve as reminders that people know I’m an artist at heart.  AND my bromeliads are in bloom… pinks and purples and touches of yellow are peeking out from the middle of the plants.  The variety that is blooming now doesn’t last very long so I’m being deliberate about enjoying them this week until they bloom again. 


So, I ask you, what is your why?

And I want to challenge you to get out of the head of your customer and family.

Get personal. Focus on what gives you joy. Remember "why" you chose the path you did.

Once you have it clearly before you, the next step is to communicate it. That is when things will change. That is how you will clear the noise and hear the voice of opportunity waiting for you.

If you would like to chat further about how to discover your opportunities and turn your visions into victories, I invite you to Click here to grab a 30-minute complimentary discovery chat with me to help you get started.

Wishing you peace and joy.


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