Let's Generate In July!

ceo connections courage Jul 08, 2021

Two things happened recently, we crossed into the second half of 2021 and the first tropical storm of the season made landfall in Florida.

Both occurrences brought the word generate to mind. And I took some time to reflect on the word.

There are so many things we need to generate in our life. From the funds to live and support our families to the energy we need to accomplish our goals each day, generating is something we cannot get away from.

I am taking some time to focus on both aspects for myself so that I can hit my goals on both a personal and professional level.

From adding more time with my art coach to generate creative energy, to spending more time in my garden generating peaceful energy, I am making sure my personal generator is ready to carry me through the second half of this year.

Let me know what you are doing to generate what you need in the coming months.

With that, let's catch up on what I've been up to this week...



“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.” Louisa May Alcott



This week I received a book of poems that I had ordered a while ago. And just like that, I found myself reading poems and daydreaming for hours. Has that ever happened to you? You fall into a book/subject/project and time just seems to stand still and before you know it a morning has turned to afternoon and early evening. Going Somewhere Soon is a short book of poetry by Brian Andreas that will get you thinking and connecting ideas from all parts of your life. Brain Andreas is an author and artist most well-known for his collections of Story People. This poem, called Raspberry Patch, struck a chord with me—what experiences do you/will you choose?

“My great-grandmother sent us out to pick raspberries in her garden while she watched the first moonwalk on tv. You’ll have plenty of time to see things like that, she said, but those raspberries were carried overland by your great-great-grandfather. She was very wise. I see pictures of the moonwalk all the time, but all I have left from him is the memory of those sun-warmed raspberries.”



Cathy Heller, author, podcaster, coach (Click here to visit her website).  Her podcast is called Don’t Keep Your Day Job (Click here to listen). She just announced that she is doing worksheets for her podcasts and is encouraging listeners to listen to the podcast and download the worksheet and share thoughts with a friend for accountability. Great idea!  Let me know if you want to join me…





I started my Harvard Executive Education Program on Negotiation Course this week! So far, so good and I’m really enjoying meeting my classmates. This program has been on my radar for a long time but I could not make it happen because it used to be in person and the travel and time away from the office commitment was a real barrier. The pandemic forced a change and the course is now virtual! And you know what, it works this way too! It’s been a wonderful way to get to know classmates from all over the world and I’m very thankful that I don’t have to manage time zone differences…



Coaching client wins—helping someone craft 3 new pitches. Yes, a business can have more than one pitch! You can, actually, you should pitch different aspects of your business in a way that speaks directly to your target audience. We took her existing pitch and separated out 3 services and created content and stories for each of the services. Now she can talk about her business in networking sessions and to potential clients and to potential contractors. When was the last time you refreshed your pitch? I’m a good listener and I have some pitch secrets I’d love to share with you. 


So I ask you, what are you doing to generate the energy you need? What are you reading, who are you following and connecting with, and what are you celebrating?

It's important to fill our cups so that we can give what we need to our clients and family. 

Let me know if you would like to schedule a quick call and put our heads together to help you generate what you need this month. Click here to schedule.




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